Saturday, March 25th, 2017  2 :42:32am Eastern Time

Receiving unwanted marketing communications at home is annoying, at work it's costly. The reality of misdirected marketing communications in the workplace is that they can be significantly reduced, and perhaps one-day eliminated.

If marketers were required to match the interests of recipients to their particular offer before sending it, they would send fewer messages overall, and realize better results from the communications they did send. In turn, you and I would enjoy less clutter at work and spend more time considering offers relevant to our particular business & professional profile. Sound too simple? Perhaps not.

While the Federal Government has struggled to legislate a viable solution to the email problem, individual States have been unable to enact their own email legislation. To solve this problem the BusinessLearning Network was created, acting as an information conduit between employee, employer, and marketer.

Professionals who subscribe to the BusinessLearning Network:

  1. receive more relevant business communications at work
  2. are more informed about industry trends, best management practices, career & leadership strategies, as well as a host of business critical information tailored specifically to their industry, company and professional profile

 Best of all, the BusinessLearning Network is free of charge to subscribers, employers, and marketers alike. Check out our upcoming events and free newsletter archive by visiting a watch.

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